Inspiration By Design - My online design portfolio, better known as "ibd". This site offers a completion of my work while I continue to develop my skills in graphics and web design. It includes my professional work, logos, and various print media I have created, which this section no longer does. FYI: Currently the web section is almost identical to what is offered here on this page.

TuxtrunK - Just another index page. Well, not quite, to be more accurate it is my index page for my personal web server. I mainly use this site to test new coding techniques. Although, it does offers many KDE based Linux distributions for download as well as some home brewed Open Source Software bundles.

Disc Adventures - "When all you want to do is play!" Disc Golf that is. A site slated to be similar to PDGA.org's Course Directory, but offer more information about the courses. Such as in depth reviews, pictures of the course (from the tee to the hole), elegant course maps, and much much more. The website also offers a collection of games to help you practice. FYI: Currently just a draft, i.e. course database is not yet setup.

Bronco Bites - A website I created when I went back to school for graphic design. It was the second part of an assignment where we created a menu for a fictitious restaurant of our choosing. The only requirements were we had to be utilize CSS for layout and formatting.

Recommended Dose v2 - The second major revision of my website. I chose to brand v2 "RD" to distinguish it from its predecessor. RD build on what was already provided in Recommended Dose v1, i.e. they shared the same underlying code base, but it included a new design and received many new features. FYI: The section's layouts were tweaked and beautified for v2, but overall they remained similar to how they were in v1.

Recommended Dose v1 - The site that made RD what it is today. The design originally came from Bigbird's theeRoost (a site I began in college) and was eventually renamed to Recommended Dose in 2002. FYI: This is only a placeholder page to show what the site looked like, i.e. links do not work.


Wanted: T Bear - This was just a creative way to poke fun at my beloved dog while honing my design skills. I was inspired to create this poster after seeing the movie Dead Man starring Johnny Depp. The joke is the $1 bounty, since how much money do you think a bunch of animals could possibly raise on their own anyways?

Symbol 1 - A symbol I have been drawing off and on for years (ever since high school). This particular edition has an illustrator filter applied of course.

Perspective Reality - Created as an idea for a tattoo. The center eye is your reality and the first band out is the sphere (or scope) of your reality. The outer band represents everybody else's reality. It is possible for some these realities to share certain views or beliefs, but it is not possible for any of them to be exactly the same. Thus, there is no "one" reality, only someone's reality. Here is the original drawing.


Kompact - A simple plain text system monitor for Superkaramba and KDE 3.x (it does work in KDE 4.x as well). Follow the link for more information and screen shots. FYI: The version on KDE-Look.org has not been updated in a very long time, but I am running modified ones on my boxen that support multicore processors, if you're interested.

Big Bear - a trance song based off my interpretation of a dialog from a scene in the motion picture Swingers.

Seinfeld Tribute - another trance song I made in tribute to my favorite sitcom Seinfeld. It features many amusing quips from the characters of the show.