captain's log

2012.09.28 : Downtime

Greetings! Not much has been done on the site since my last post and the reasons are to many to describe quickly, so they will have to wait for another time. This post is to let everyone know that we are moving again and TuxtrunK will be offline starting today until at least October, 6th (although possibly the 8th). During this time I may or may not have internet access so don't take it personally if I don't promptly return e-mails. Thanks for understanding and see you all on the other end.

2012.08.10 : Dev Update #1

Good day! I just wanted to let everyone know I am working on RD, however slowly it might be. Life has naturally gotten in the way, but that is how it goes, right? Other reasons for the slow development are simple, there have been certain things I have wanted to do that proved harder to do than originally thought. Regardless, here is a small dose of what I have planned. Currently, the captain's log, portfolio, and recipes sections are available (although far from being considered done). The photography section is hopefully coming real soon as well. FYI: the captain's log section will be hard coded until I get the database setup, these posts are for testing purposes only. Plus, the about section has content, but it is going to be re-written, so disregard.

Also, one important thing that has not been addressed is formatting/styling, so bare with me until I finalize it, which I will work on when more content has been completed. Speaking of content, yet another reason for the slow progress, is I want to update/re-write a majority of it so it brings an air of freshness to RD v3. Where as the move from v1 to v2 was basically a cut and paste job (although I did re-write certain sections for v2 over the years). Also, I haven't quite settled on how you will access the main page from the other sections, although some pages you will click on the "rd" logo in the upper left corner, other not so much. Thanks for your patience!

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