the site

First and fore most, this site is an outlet for my creativity. What I mean when I use the word "creativity" is the act of using art and design to produce an expression. Recommended Dose (RD) has multiple purposes, but the two primary ones are the most important to explain. The first, is to introduce and deliver thought provoking facts and farces involving the world we are living in. These tidbits of information, what I like to call doses, are provided as frequently as I feel necessary. These doses can be found on the Dose page (which can be viewed anytime by clicking on the RD logo in the menu frame). The second, this site (Captain's Log section) acts like my journal or blog, ranging from my activities, thoughts, and goals (online as well as off). This is for people I care about, a way for them to know I am alive and give them a chance hear about what I am up to. The remaining sections on this site cover some of my many hobbies. Basically, things I do or enjoy that I want to share with other people.

Section Key
Captain's Log- An online journal one could say. These are my thoughts, ideas, and expressions personally as well as professionally, about this site or about the world in general.
Portfolio - A list of things I have digitally created (made on or with the assistance of a computer) that have not expanded into there own section atm.
Photography - Any photographs I have taken that I think are note worthy or just simply feel like sharing.
Quotes - Archive of quotes used (in the quote frame) over the years.
Recipes - A collection of recipes I have created over the years. Bon appetit!
Recycled Web - A roundup of websites I feel are so essential to today’s online society I have recycled them here in this section.

the author

For my age and the era I grew up in I was luckily able to be around computers as a kid, Apple II's and the original Mac were my first experiences in technology. I mainly used them to play games or write papers, heck, there was not much else they were for anyways. Regardless, I will always have fond memories of those systems. In high school I received my first PC. Thus started a fascination with, as well as, ease of hosing my Windows 95 installation almost on a daily basis. Once I had worked that habit out of my system (no pun intended) I turned my focus to websites, I downloaded a shareware editor (the name slips my mind atm) and began learning HTML via reverse engineer websites I came across on my web travels. My first website was "Bennito's World", it was a very simple site and a majority of the graphics were made in MS Paint. Mind you, this was during the time that almost all websites were using horrible .gif's tiled as the background, if you are blessed with the years you will know what I mean since a majority of the time you couldn't read the sites text because the tiled backgrounds were so busy and over barring. Like time, these trends changed as well (thank god, lol). I enjoyed building websites so much that me and my friend Charlie decided to create a Technical Independent Study course for our High School. It allowed me more time for coding websites for myself as well as doing freelance work for people in the surrounding areas.

Despite the fact that I am now older and my choice of software has improved (Mepis Linux & Bluefish), I still find a lot of satisfaction designing websites. Granted, I am definitely better at the design/coding side of it versus the editing. Regardless, I do it all to the best of my abilities because web design is something I love to do, it is a passion and is far more than a mere hobby. When it comes to web design, there is something you need to know about me, something I feel strongly about. Anybody can design a site using a program such as Frontpage and post it to the web. What is not realized in this methodology is that websites with real beauty have to be created through desire (the sweat and blood of the maker). My websites are an extension of myself, my personality, my emotions, and my heart. Every part of my code represents it's own part to convey the overall meaning. It is not just programmed HTML, it is the force (the act of expression) that has brought these pages to life. A large amount of people don't realize this fact and their websites reflect this by lack of pizazz, solid content, and effective design. I know we all have seen this before.